A Single Lotus

“My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth…” ~ Psalm 147:15

Flowers of various patterns and hues decorated the natural landscape. All who took a walk in the park were affected in way by their presence. It was either their fragrance, or their swaying in the cool morning breeze or their gentle and bright hues that made the morning walk a simple delight.

Tucked away in the distance, in a small pond stood a single lotus. ‘So beautiful’ I exclaimed. It stood alone planted in the pond whose stagnated waters had now turned murky. But yet it made a great difference to the entire natural landscape out there. It beautified the placed where it was planted. It was created in such a way so as to beautify the murky pond. The lotus in its own exquisiteness made a difference.

Are you finding yourself in the place of that lotus in a murky pond? ‘I wish I was born of a higher caste. I wish I could change the way I look. I wish my skin was of a lighter colour. I wish I had straight hair. I wish I was born in another family….’ Dear friend, let me encourage you to take this to heart – you can make a difference wherever God has planted you, be it your work place, your family or your neighbourhood no matter how squalid, dismal or gloomy your surroundings and circumstances be. God has put within you the potential to make a difference, to lend a different hue to the many lives around you. Remember there’s no another YOU! God created you and designed you to be YOU in your own special and unique way. So celebrate the good in you and use it to make a difference.

“Dear Jesus, I thankyou for creating me and putting within me the potential to make a difference. May I do so always. Amen.”

Beautify the place where you are planted.

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A little friend

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” ~ Genesis 1:27

Amazing is the way in which we can be introduced to friends or people who add a different hue to our lives. This little girl lived at the construction site that is near our office. Sand and stones were her toys. While passing by, occasionally we would give her a packet of biscuits or some buns. Beaming with a smile she would run up to her sister and share the goodies she got. From then onwards, every time she saw us, she would call out to her sister trying to get her attention so as to look at us. Giggling and pointing a finger at us, she would wave her hands, saying ‘Bye….bye…’ So we would respond. Then she would do it again. This would go on until we got out of her sight. Turning back, we would see her still standing there waving at us.

This little girl was from a different cultural background, language, economical status and even of a different age, but we could still connect through a simple gesture. She added a different hue to our lives….a smile that refreshed us after a hard day’s work.

The Bible speaks of man being created in the image of God. Every individual has been made by God as unique and special; created to be loved and appreciated. If only we look at others through God’s eyes, we would see them, know them and understand them the right way. Let’s take an honest look at ourselves. How often we are driven by prejudice, hatred and our ‘clannish’ instinct to hang around with ‘our kind’ of people. We feel uncomfortable to mix around with people unlike us; that’s because we’ve already drawn up conclusions about them. In doing so, we lose out on meeting people who can enrich our lives in myriad ways. Let’s be open minded and considerate toward others, seeing them through God’s eyes.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for creating me to be unique and special. Help me see others as You see them. May I add a beautiful hue to their life, enriching it someway. Amen.”

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Unique and rare


“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” ~ Psalm 139:14


It was getting close to sunset time. The night was setting in soon and here they were quietly blooming. The pink and white petals unfurled shyly and slowly, until all were fully open. They would bloom all through the night and close up at dawn. So rare…so unusual…so different.


God has made them to be different from all others flowers. But why? To brighten up the night! Their beauty is known at night. These flowers are special…they do something that other flowers cannot do…they bloom at night. They make a difference in their own special way, though they may not be noticed by many.


Each one of us has been created by God to be unique. We all don’t have the same talents, looks, abilities and skills. We are made different from each other. But we can make a difference wherever God has placed us, whatever be the situation. We need not feel discouraged or inadequate and think low of ourselves. Rather we can think of what difference we can bring in the environment around us. Like the flowers that bloom at night…. we can do something rare and special which others cannot do.



“Dear Jesus, thank you for making me fearfully and wonderfully. Thank you for letting me know that I am special. May my life be a blessing to others. Amen.”


I am designer-made by God