Abundant Life

“….I am come that they might have life and have it abundantly” ~ John 10:10

There’s so much joy and celebration over the birth of a child. Unlike other birthdays, the birth of Jesus was unique and witnessed heavenly celebration. For Jesus came into this world to bring us joy, hope and eternal encouragement through the abundant life found in Him alone. Hence Christmas is the celebration of the birth of eternal hope and encouragement. It’s a celebration of the joy that overflows from the abundant life Jesus promises in John 10:10.

Abundant life…..what is this abundant life? It doesn’t mean living long or having an abundance of things. It means living life with a purpose…..a God set, God designed purpose. And it is from this purpose that I draw my identity; it tells me who I am, to whom I belong. It gives me the true sense of fulfillment and satisfaction; it gives me the reason to hope and not give up and most of all it reminds me that I’m not forgotten by God but that God counts on me. And when I live out God’s purpose, the eternal hope, encouragement and joy are mine.

Mary and Joseph were just common folk. Their lives did not see an upward mobility in status nor did they get an abundance of material blessings or good luck because of Jesus. But they experienced hope and joy at the birth of Jesus; the hope of eternal life and joy of salvation. They lived out God’s purpose.

“Dear Jesus, I believe that eternal joy, encouragement and hope are found in You alone. Thank you Lord. Help me live out Your purposes. Amen,”

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