Restoring the Fortunes

‘For I will restore their fortunes and have compassion on them’ ~ Jeremiah 33:26

Throughout the history of the nation of Israel, we find a common phenomena. Whenever they disobeyed God, forsaking his ways and laws, they were invaded by ruthless armies from the surrounding nations. There was destruction on every front. Scores of people were mercilessly killed, livestock and cattle was ravaged, flora and fauna was rampaged, gold, silver and other precious articles from the temple were taken away. Above all these, the joy and peace of the people was stolen. Grief and mourning prevailed.

God forewarned them of such devastation through his prophets who at times spoke severe words  pointing out to the wrath of God who set about to discipline the chosen nation. But God also spoke words of comfort and assurance that he would avenge the enemies of Israel who went too far in plundering Israel. God promised prosperity and favour: streets will again be filled with children playing; each man siting under his own vine and fig tree; gold, silver and precious articles of the temple will be restored; the land will yield its harvest and the sound of music and singing will fill the air. Above all these, the joy, peace and glory of Israel – who is the LORD himself – will return.

God’s love for his own is such that though he chastises us, he longs to see the fortunes, the fortunes of Christ restored in our lives. What ‘fortunes of Christ’ need to be restored in your life? Has sin dampened the joy and fervor of serving Christ? Has the enemy of your soul stolen the peace of God that makes you trust him? Has worry and anxiety vexed your heart and mind that you can no longer enjoy sweet fellowship with the LORD?

Trust him my friend. He will restore the fortunes of Christ in your life again. God says, “And this too shall pass….this time of gloom and sorrow….this season of difficulty and troubles….this phase of challenges and trials….and the joy, peace and glory of Christ will certainly come.”

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for loving me so much that you want to see me restored with the blessings and the abundant life in Christ Jesus. Forgive me for going astray from you. Help me walk in your way and  live by your words. Amen.”
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