Sharing Cake

‘…the goodness of God endureth continually ‘ ~ Psalm 52:1


Come Christmas time and the much loved ‘Banana Walnut Cake’ makes its rounds at home and even in the neighbourhood. The joy of Christmas is such that it cannot contain itself. It pouts out, spilling over onto other lives. With great joy and delight, my husband and I got to the baking pans again. This year there was an addition on our list of those who would receive it. The car care company was added and that meant sharing cake with almost  more than a dozen employees at the workshop. ‘That’s Ok’ we thought, ‘This may be the only time we get the chance to do this. And its worth the effort.’ So the cakes were baked and packed with much care. As my husband headed with mounting enthusiam to deliver them, the prospect of me joining him sounded great, though I was yet to complete some important work. “I don’t mind coming along just to see the expression on their faces” I said.

Giving gifts to others brings more delight to the heart of the giver than the receiver. Sometimes we take so much trouble to get a well selected gift packed well for someone we value and wait just to watch the expression of their face as they unpack it in five seconds. This reminds me that God would feel this way too. The Bible tells us that ‘he daily loads us with benefits”. He goes all out of his way to plan and provide many things that delight us. Sometimes even the very thought to have a particular thing is perceived by Him and by the end of the day we find it within our reach, with God watching over just to see the expression on our face. Awesome isn’t it.

I wonder….. what is the expression on our face today…this season. Is it happiness, glee, gratefulness, love, praise or is it anger, discontent, arrogance and strife. Have the situations of our life eclipsed our understanding of him? How do we measure God?… it only by the good things done to us?

This Christmas season let the true love of God fill your heart and renew your vision of Him. Let the  expression of love and praise adorn your face…..for his love is eternal.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your abounding love for me. Indeed Lord, you have already done so much for me. Forgive me when I’ve been arrogant and discontented. Help me be grateful to you always and never judge you based on what you do or do not do for me, but rather trust in your eternal love. Amen.”

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