A God who is mindful

“….what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”
~ Psalm 8:4

We were so awestruck by this incident to see how God cares even about the little details of our lives. We had to take our train at 2:40 pm that afternoon. So we rushed to the station from work. Enroute, our church pastor called us saying that he wanted to see us off and had some dinner packed for us. We thought being a pastor he has quite a load of work and besides we could just pickup some food at the train pantry counter, so he needn’t trouble himself.  Nevertheless, he said he’ll be there early at the station to see us off.

Having arrived there, we found out that the train was delayed. So we waited for our pastor in the meantime. But he never appeared. Wondering what was wrong; we tried calling his mobile, but couldn’t get through. After a long time of waiting, the train arrived at 3:40. Assuming that our pastor maybe stuck in a traffic jam we hopped onto the boogie and settled down. After a few minutes, our pastor appeared and handed over the packet of home cooked dinner. Then we figured out that he had actually arrived early and got to know of the train delay and was infact trying to locate us. We chatted a few minutes and when the train whistled, we waved goodbye thanking him for his kindness ignorant of the enormity of his kind gesture.

After a few hours, we discovered while talking with our co-passengers that there wasn’t a pantry counter on that train. We were so surprised and awestruck. God’s ways are amazing…..come to think of it that our pastor actually waited about one and a half hours just to see us off and hand over our dinner. God is so mindful of every detail of our lives. Nothing is too small to escape God’s attention.

“Dear Jesus, I can’t help but sing out, ‘Lord You are good, You are good, and Your mercy forever endures.’ Amen.”

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