Inherit the Double Portion

“Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance.” Isaiah 61:7

Walking with Christ takes us through many ups and downs in life. There are trials and testing times. Each of us has to face our own battles. We may think that there is no one who truly understands our predicament. We may look for comfort and for help and find there is no one in the flesh who understands.

God watches to see whether His children are seeking Him in the midst of adversity. Are we looking to Him to find solutions to all our problems? Or are we quick to find our own logical and practical solutions? Do we go to persons we esteem with our problems and get led the worldly way or do we go down to our knees and ask God to intervene so that His name will be glorified even in our darkest hour?

If we hold on to Him in our dark storms, He is faithful to help us overcome. He promises that for every shame, every disgrace we have faced, He will give us a double portion. He will not leave us helpless. He promises we will rejoice in the inheritance He has written for us.

Today if you are going through a down phase in life, will you choose to accept God’s hand to victory and double blessings? Would you be willing to face this trial God’s way and overcome it through His help… so you can give Him all the glory when you overcome it?

Dear Jesus, forgive me for falling back on human wisdom and logical, practical measures to solve my problems. Help me Lord to see my situation through Your eyes. I seek Your help to overcome my battles in life. Thank You for Your promise! May You be glorified in my life always. Amen.

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