Search My Heart Oh God

‘I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward a man according to is conduct, according to what his deeds deserve’ ~ Jeremiah 17:10

David made a poignant prayer – ‘Search me oh God, and know my heart today. Test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.’ But how does God search our hearts? He searches our hearts by testing us through various trials and difficulties and then checks our response to them.

Psalm 11:4 says, ‘ He observes the sons of men; his eyes examine them.’ Trials and difficulties have a way of bringing out the natural in us. When all is well, we easily forget God and misplace our priorities. We depend on our own strength. But when trouble times beset us, we realize that we can make it through only with God’s help and guidance. We draw nearer to God, expressing our reliance on him. And That’s what God wants to hear from us.

Studying and relying on the scriptures will strengthen our hearts and minds. The battle of the mind can be stilled by dwelling on the promises he has given us. Though  for the moment the situation stays the same, God will see us through and bring times of refreshing. Just like how we train our physical bodies, we must train our spiritual inner being to respond the way that is right and that pleases God. Responding the right way in the midst of difficulty can be difficult the first time. But when we do not give up and stay faithful even when we don’t understand and  believe that God is faithful and true and is in perfect control of our lives, we make progress towards the goal of our faith. Lets continue believing that God is faithful and true and instead of shunning difficulties, we can face them boldly, knowing that God is watching over us.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that nothing can separate me from your love. Help me stay faithful and true to you even in the midst of trials and difficulties. Help me grow strong in my faith in you. Amen.”



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