He Guides

‘For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.’ ~ Psalm 48:14

The world of flowers is certainly fascinating and beautifully attractive, catching the eye of any passerby. Simple and fragile as they seem, they do however have a complex structure made of the ovary, sepal, petal, style, stigma, anther, filament and pollen grains. Its amazing to notice how much careful thought has gone into creating them. Bright colors, gentle hues, minute speckles and distinct lines make grand patterns adding not only beauty but also a richness to the world around us.   But studies reveal that these characteristics perform a greater function especially as seen in the hollow stemmed asphodel which has brown lines on the petals that help guide insects to the nectar and the early dog violet that has dark veins which guide insects.

Isn’t is amazing that God who created all these flowers and thoughtfully made them in such a way so that insects and bees are guided well is the same God who cares and loves us enough to guide us  along life’s journey – be it the cross roads or just the turns and stopovers. God is there for us to rely on. When we commit our lives to living it his way, we can be sure to receive God’s guidance. God often speaks through the written word, the Bible, enlightening and strengthening us. He also reveals  his mind on matters that concern us through the Holy Spirit, instilling within us that sense of peace or even through a dream or revelation. God also uses his children to convey a message. At times it could be a Bible Study group or a prayer group that you are part of or even a specific person who can speak a word of direction and counsel.

There are moments in life when we can get deeply worried and concerned and bereft ourselves of the joy of resting in God. All we need to do is commit our way unto the Lord and trust him to bring whatever he thinks as best to pass, being open to receive his guidance in anyway he chooses.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much that you are there to guide me and show me the right way all through life’s journey. Help me grow in trusting and relying on you than getting worried and troubled. Amen.”

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