Staying Focused

‘…and do not greet anyone on the road’ ~ Luke 10:4

When Jesus appointed the seventy-two other disciples and sent them out two by two ahead of him into every town and village, he gave them crisp clear instructions. Apart from not taking a purse or a bag or sandals, they had to avoid greeting anyone they meet on the road. Doing so was not being rude or impolite. He wanted them to stay focused on the task given. Greeting someone that they happened to meet while traveling could end up in a long drawn conversation, digressing from the main task. Precious time is wasted and the mind can get cluttered with new thoughts. When the harvest is ripe, no time must be lost in bringing in the harvest.

The importance of staying focused remains valid through all time. All of us have been called to do works that God prepared in advance for us to do, things that further the advancement of his kingdom. And no time must be lost. Staying alert and and being watchful of time wasters and distractions is vital.

The Bible points out ways how we can stay focused. In 2 Timothy 2, the apostle Paul elucidates by citing remarkable examples of a soldier, an athlete and a farmer. Like the soldier who wants to please his commanding officer, and hence does not get involve in civilian affairs, we must stay focused on doing what God has asked us to do and please him. As the athlete is determined to follow the rules, we must adhere to the guidelines given by God. As a farmer works hard to produce the crops making the most of each season, we must work hard making most of every opportunity that God gives us to rescue the lost.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for sending me out to work in your fields and bring the harvest home. Help me stay focused and do my work with dedication, determination and single minded devotion. Amen.”



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