Does God Exist? Did God create the Universe?


2 thoughts on “Does God Exist? Did God create the Universe?

  1. The Universe is Eternal and so is our pure belief in God / Supreme energy divine worshipped in so many forms and dieties in different diverse religions. Yet, the thought is One ; simply to seek divine blessings, strength and courage from the Source…..The Source is in itself the Universe – which has no beginning and no end …. It has no boundaries, no limits. It is Nothing Shoonya (or Zero) and yet everything, all life began from that one single point of Energy. Just as the Universe cannot be measured, God’s love and our belief in being always guided, cared and loved by the energy divine, ShaktiMa or consciousness cannot be shaken! So as long as we believe, God/Light / Energy or the Forms we Worship, Exists – Is Eternal….. Many a miracle we see, because of the power of thought and beliefs…. And the Universe and God are each so intertwined that actually finding an accurate answer to this profound question, is a bit tough. I believe, God or the divine energy or Shakti / Brahma/ the Almighty did create this abounding energy we call the Universe and put in Life in it – so one day we could seek, ponder and perhaps find the Source of Light and love!!

  2. Of course GOD does exist. Find Videos and Images on from around the world to help you share your faith in Jesus Christ. The world is now online. Share your faith online

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