A Promise of Preservation

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. Psalm 119:50

In the times when nothing comforts or consoles, you feel broken within. The whole world seems to be on one side and you on the other… standing alone and forlorn. At such times the Lord comes softly and touches your heart with His loving balm… His Word consoles and comforts. He nudges you to look beyond, He says, ‘Don’t despair… this suffering will pass. You will make it to the other side. Hold on… See, here is My promise…’ As you look through the tears and read His promise… it cheers the heart. It is like the beautiful rainbow after the storm and rain washed everything away.

What a joy it is to know His love for us! When all is still within, His voice caresses us and fills dreams and visions in our minds. He is the Master Creator… He creates hope and rebuilds our broken dreams anew. He knows just what to do to set us back on the course to victory. What a loving, nurturing and caring God we have!


Dear Jesus, I tend to think that all is over when things go wrong. I fret so much, I complain and give up so soon sometimes. Thank you Lord for Your love for me, thank you that You don’t give up on me. I have nothing to hold on to – just You. It is so wonderful to know that You are all I need. I hold on to you and I know I will go on, I will arise and conquer all my fears… because Your Word, Your promise is with me and Your promise never fails. Jesus, thank you for being there for me, Amen.

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