Believing God

“… Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness “~ Romans 4:3

One of most interesting conversations recorded in the Bible is the dialogue between God and Abraham in Genesis 15. As two very close friends would share with each other what was in their hearts, comforting and encouraging one another, God says to Abraham, ‘Fear not, I am your shield, and your exceeding great reward’. Abraham replies, ‘But God, what can you give me, I don’t even have a child and the servant of my house will inherit all I have’. God says, ‘Your servant shall not be your heir. A child born to you will be your heir’ and taking hold of Abraham’s hand, God brings him outside the tent and says, ‘Abraham, now look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can. So shall your children be’.

God’s plan for Abraham was as great and vast as the expanse of the sky, immeasurable, incredible….. and beyond his thinking. It required him to believe against what was apparent – the limitations of old age coupled with the barrenness of Sarah. And Abraham did believe God. He did not believe in the stars or the sky or any circumstantial evidence of God’s promise. He believed in God – the true, unchanging, eternal God.

Having faith in God is believing God for who He is – the Almighty, Great, Powerful and Mighty God. It is going by who God is and for this to happen, one must know God. Abraham shared a very close relationship with God; he knew God as His closest friend. God even called Abraham as His friend. This close intimate knowing of God leads to faith in what God has said. It is a faith that does not look at the circumstantial evidence as proof of God’s being at work. Is God asking me to believe Him and not look around for evidence of His goodness? Take God for who He is. And it will be well with your soul.

“Dear Jesus, You are true and unchanging. Help me have faith in You and trust you for your word instead of looking around for evidence of your working. Teach my heart to rely on You. Amen.”Be a blessing to others and eternally transform lives by supporting CBN INDIA’s Ministry. Partner with us to reach millions of Indians to share the love of Christ and a message of hope to the needy ones by making an on-line donation today.



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