Great Trees of Moreh

“He himself bore our sins” in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; “by his wounds you have been healed.” ~  1 Peter 2:24

The great trees of Moreh was a very significant site in the promised land. The Zondervan NIV Study Bible explains Moreh to mean ‘teacher’ suggesting that during Abraham’s time the Canaanites sought direction from thier gods by this tree. Many a significant episode in the the history of the nation of Israel happened under the boughs of this oak tree. Abraham pitched his tent near these trees on reaching Canan. It was here that God appeared and gave the promise -“To your offspring I will give this land”.

Surrounded by the backdrop of these trees,  we find Abraham sitting at the entrance of his tent at the heat of the day eagerly waiting to refresh any visitor. And surely enough, the three visitirs meet up with him and are refreshed and again God speaks of his promise. It was under this tree that Joshua erected the stone as a witnes to the Israelites’ decision to choose to follow after the ways of Yahweh. The strategic battle against the invading Midianites was won when Gideon’s army attacked them from the slopes of hill Moreh.

But the Bible speaks of a tree of greater significance, a tree that determiones where we spend the rest of eternity. It is the cross of Calvary. Christ died in our place that we may enjoy the blessing that salvation brings. Whenever we are stuck at the cross roads of life and ned help, God promises to be there and guide us, watching over every step we take.

The cross stands as a witness of God’s redeeming work to purchase our fredom from sin’s hold. It is a witness of the selfless love of God our Father who decided to give his only Son as a sacrifice for our sins. And it is a witness of the choice Christ made to offer himslef freeely for our sake. It speaks of God’s defeat over the devil’s work, over sin and death. At the cross we find the promise fulfilled – Abraham’s offsprings of  faith inherit eternal life. Here we find God’s love and mercy revealed in boundless measure.

The message of the cross is still significant today and it is yours for the taking.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the cross and your great sacrifice to set me free from sin’s hold. Help me walk in unison with your Holy Spirit and trust that you do keep your promises. Amen.”

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