Kernel of Faith

‘And without faith it is impossible to please God’ ~ Hebrews 11:6

What made Amram and Jochebed perceive Moses to be a child of destiny? What made them show such great faith that they could risk keeping him under cover for three months as a baby, knowing full well that they could get into serious trouble if Pharaoh found out? For Pharaoh had just given the order that all male Israelite babies were to be killed.

If we study the family tree of Amram we’ll discover that Amram belonged to the line of Jacob. Jacob’s son Levi, begot Kohath, who was the forefather of Amram. Interestingly, Jochebed too was a descendant of Levi. They must have heard of the faith journey of their forefathers, especially the way God was with Jacob and gave him the promise that his descendants will have a land of their own. But before that could happen, they would have to become slaves in Egypt and suffer great anguish and God will send a deliverer. Treasuring these promises, Amram and Jochebed took faith steps to face challenges they encountered during their lifetime.

There are times when we cannot directly see God working in our lives. We get disappointed with him and reach the brink of losing complete faith. But instead we can consider the promises that God has given our forefathers and recount his faithful deeds in their lives. Doing so will encourage our hearts and uplift our spirits. And then we can continue in faith knowing that He who promised is faithful. For God may take two or three generations to make them come true. It’s not always that a promise is fulfilled in ones lifetime. We could be the kernel of faith that God is developing so that a great harvest will out pour in generations to come.

Lets hold on in faith and meet the challenges of our times.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being with me, helping me grow and develop in my faith. Help me continue believing that you are faithful to do what you have promised, even though it may not happen in my lifetime. Help me have a faith that’s worth passing on to the next generation. Amen.”

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