God Is There

‘…I am with you’  ~ Isaiah 43:5

When sorrow fills the heart and you can barely speak except for faint murmurs and groans, God is there. He stoops down from his heavenly throne and bends his ear to listen to the sigh of the needy and the oppressed.

God was there listening to Hannah’s woes as she poured out her soul. Vexed by the ridicule and mocking of her rival, Elkanah’s other wife, she sought refuge at the altar, flooding it with tears. When Jonah struggled to let the empathy and compassion of God overtake the conceit and bitterness of his soul, God was still there, pursuing after him in love and kindness. He reasoned with him, watched over him while he was tossed about in the waters, commanded the fish to swallow him and brought him back to life. In all this God was demonstrating the extent of his love for man.

In our struggle to either receive the love and kindness of God for ourselves or pass it on to others, God is there with us. He sees us through those trying moments when the soul trudges slowly towards faith, when the soul makes room for new changes. As a teacher patiently watches over her students progress from abstract to perfect alphabets, God stands by patiently watching over us progress towards becoming more like him. He gently guides us and encourages us at every instance when the Holy Spirit asks for more room in our lives.

God doesn’t give up on us. God does not give up on you. He’s got your name engraved on the palm of his hands. He is there to work in us until we can be presented blameless and without fault. No one else can be there for us like the way God is. It is worth entrusting our lives into his hands.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being a God who is there for me in every life situation. Thank you for standing close by watching over me in loving care to guide and  encourage me in my faith walk.  May I become more like you. Amen.”

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