Heed the Warnings

 Heed the Warnings

“And the Lord told Moses, Put Aaron’s rod back before the Testimony [in the ark], to be kept as a [warning] sign for the rebels; and you shall make an end of their murmurings against Me, lest they die.”~ Numbers 17:10

God is a God who changes not! He dealt with wrongdoers with a firm hand and stood up for His servants Moses and Aaron when others stood up against them. Korah and his supporters Dathan and Abiram brought up charges against them. The people of Israel watched in horror as God caused the earth to open up and swallow these men, their families and their belongings. They were killed due to their acts of rebellion.

God asked Moses to place the rods of all the leaders from the twelve houses into the Ark of the Testimony. God showed whom He chose by causing Aaron’s rod to bud. Later God asked Moses to keep it back so that it served as a warning so people would not rebel or murmur against God and His ways.

Those who murmured in those days paid a heavy price for it. They died! However in our time God has been merciful to us His children and not caused us to die for our murmurings. Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus we have been saved from God’s wrath several times.

God’s word says that He will execute judgment on all inveterate murmurers who complain about their lot in life and also against ungodly sinners who have spoken against Him. (Jude 1:15,16)

Let us heed God’s warning and keep away from murmurers lest they bring God’s judgment on us too.

Dear Jesus, forgive me for murmuring and complaining all the time. Help me to look up to You and seek Your help for all my needs, Amen.

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