A Guiding Light

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” ~ Psalm 119:105

Traveling in the dark without any light is not an easy task. And though we have eyes that see, we cannot really see clear enough in the dark. We need to have a lamp. With the lamp we cannot see far ahead right down the bend of the road. We can see only to a small distance, to where the light shines forth.

We all get worried and anxious about our future sometimes. Feelings of doubt, dilemma and confusion set in. We try to find out about the future through different means just to be secure. We want to know the entire route of our life’s journey….but God does not reveal the entire road map of our lives to us. He shows us only a part of it, a small section of the pathway. He expects us to trust Him to lead and guide us for the rest of the journey. To help us He has given us the Bible as a lamp to our feet and a light for our path.

The lamp has to accompany us in our journey. If we hold it far away or fix it on a pole and move away from it, we cannot see properly. It’s the same with the Bible. Just as we need to hold the lamp near us so that its light falls on our feet as well as light up the pathway, the Bible should become a real part of our lives. We can make the Bible a real part of our live by reading it, studying it, drawing help from it. The Bible is God’s written Word. It helps us face problems, make right decisions and choices, warns us of danger, corrects us, gives direction, helps us understand situations and nourishes our soul. It acts as the lamp through which see where we’re going and what is on the way, what to avoid, what to be careful of. We can rely on the Bible. It works and it really helps.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for Your Word, the Bible that guides me through life’s journey. Help me understand Your Word and read it regularly and take help from it. Amen.”

The Bible is my lamp in the dark.

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