A Step Higher

“Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “Why did you doubt?” ~ Matthew 14:31

It was a night he would never forget. It was one of a kind of an experience. He could feel the goose bumps on his skin as the water splashed against the boat and the wind blew harshly. This chance would not come by again. So he eagerly got out of the boat and looking toward Jesus, started walking on the water. He took a few paces. He seemed to be doing well so far. As he was walking, he shifted his focus from Jesus onto the boisterous wind. He became afraid and began to sink. So he cried out to Jesus for help. And Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him and said, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Strange for an experienced fisherman like Peter to get afraid of the boisterous wind. He must have been an expert swimmer too. But on this occasion, he got afraid and cried for help.

Exercising faith is no small matter. Be it big things or for small things, we are called to exercise faith everyday. At times God makes us go through certain experiences so as to enhance our faith; to take us to a higher level of trusting Him. It could be a prolonged time of waiting for a dream or wish to come true or going through a time of illness or facing challenges or enduring hardships. Looking at the situations and circumstances around us, we think, “Can I really make it through?” But at such times, it’s assuring to know that we need not flounder and get afraid. Jesus is there to help us. When we focus on God, we can make it through.

“Dear Jesus, I draw strength and courage from You. Help me focus on You and trust You at all times. Amen.”

Do you need to step up to a higher level of faith?

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