Being lifted up

“He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” ~ Psalm 40:2

The sign board near the edge of the lake reads ‘Watch out. Do not go beyond this point.’ It warns people of the danger of getting too close to the marshy banks of the lake that seemed so placid and harmless. Just a few negligent paces would get one swallowed up in the mud and mire. The marshy banks are slimy and sticky enough to just pull you from under your feet. The dangerous thing about the mire is that once you’ve got yourself in it, you just keep sinking in. The harder you try to move your limbs to get out, the deeper you sink in the pit. To get out, you need someone from outside to help you. Some out-stretched hand to lift you up, to pull you over to the rock so that you won’t slip again.

Life’s enticements seem so alluring, so ‘drawing’, so harmless…harmless until you get into them. Our conscience sticks up the sign board, but we ignore it and move beyond the boundary. It all began that way….just a small peg, a small puff, just a passing glance at those absurd pictures, plain curiosity, just for the thrill of it….. but now it’s turned into an enslavement, a bondage that keeps you down, that asks for a constant re-filling. ‘How long is this going go on like this…..I never imagined I would end up this way…I never wanted to either…..Is there no way out?…Can someone help me please?’

Dear friend, do you feel this way? Does your heart cry out for help? Take heart….there is help. As Psalm 40:2 says, Jesus offers you help to get you out of the miry pit, to lift you up, to enable you stand on rock, so that you won’t slip again. So receive His help, allow Jesus to come into your heart and help you overcome.

“Dear Jesus, I thank you for being there to help me. Lord, I welcome you into my life. Come live in me and help me overcome. Amen.”

Jesus can lift you up
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