Keep His Way

‘Wait for the LORD and keep his way ‘ ~ Psalm 37:34

We wait for God to do many things – heal our sickness, cure the disease, open a closed door, grant favour, make a dream come true, bring a solution to a problem, remove the difficulty, deliver us from trouble and much more. And God in his sovereignty chooses to act according to his plan and will and according to his own timing. This become difficult for us especially when we long for an answer in our favour and keep waiting for it to come by. When it gets longer than what we expected, we easily fall prey to error and sin. Complaining and grumbling, we go around as if God is with holding what is good from us. We find our method and means to deal with the problem and often get into greater trouble. Disregard for God sets in and contempt takes root.

The psalmist of Psalm 37 says that while we wait for God’s intervention, we must keep his way. Keeping his way is to stay on course and not give up the faith that God is good even when we don’t understand; it is choosing to praise and thank him for the things we have than complain about what we don’t have; it is forgetting the past and pressing forward for the prize – becoming more like Christ; it is to trust and hope that God will bring to pass what he has promised; it is to keep following his guidance even when things look hazy.

Jesus said, “In this world you will trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” When we hope in Christ and continue to keep his way, we cna overcome troubles and get closer to tge goal of our faith – the salvation of our souls (1 Peter 1:9).

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, help me to keep your way even in the midst of troubles and difficulties. Help me to love you above all other things and choose to follow you no matter what. Amen.”



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