Sin’s Impact

‘But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.’ ~ Isaiah 59:2

A constant theme recurring in the book of Leviticus is atonement for sin. Interestingly, Aaron the high priest had to make atonement for the sins of the people of Israel whenever they sinned against God. The act of sin could occur anywhere – in their tent or neighbourhood or in the open country or even in the field. It could happen in even in the deep recesses of their hearts when envy, jealousy and wickedness schemed its way through. It could happen even at the tabernacle when they brought a defiled animal for the sacrifice. But no matter where or what nature of sin it was, atonement was to be made at the tabernacle – the tent of meeting. This was the place of worship where the people brought sacrifices and offered prayers to God. It signified the connecting point to God and the most important reason for them to be chosen among all nations to be a blessing to the whole world – let the whole world know about the True Living God. Worship of Yahweh was the most important aspect of their lives. And any sin affecting this, required atonement.

In the Garden of Eden too we find that the greatest impact of sin was on the relationship Adam and Eve had with God. A breech was formed. Sin brought division among them. They had to leave God’s presence and do without his fellowship.

This truth stands true even till today. Sin affects the most important aspect of our lives, that is our personal relationship with God.  We experience separation from God, and are unable to have the joy of knowing him intimately.  We feel as though God has turned his face away from us. And life becomes a drudgery if this situation persists. That’s why we are encouraged time and again to make amends by confessing our sins to God and seeking forgiveness. Christ has already paid the price for the atonement of our sins. All we need to do is get back to God….. .while he waits, longing for our return to that wonderful joyful intimacy with him.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your love for me, that you wait for me to return to that wonderful joyful intimacy I find in you alone. Thank you for the atonement for my sins paid by Christ, my Saviour. Help me treasure my relationship with you. Amen.”

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