The Lord Was With….

‘the LORD was with Joseph… ‘ ~ Genesis 39:23

For a long season in his life, Joseph did not experience any breakthrough. Life went on as usual doing the daily chores – supervise the housekeeping, get meals organised, check the stock and update purchase items, manage servants, ensure prompt delivery of letters, check welfare of all animals in the stall and those out in the field. From personal attendant to manager, Joseph’s responsibilities and influence grew to wider sphere. Potiphar’s life improved to a great extent while that of Joseph remained the same. He was still cast away from home, a foreigner in a strange land. No one came looking for him or claimed to have known him. But he became the agent of blessing to Potiphar. The Bible records – “The blessing of the LORD was on everything Potiphar had, both in the house and in the field.”

Sometimes God takes us through the ‘ordinary’ season of life. Nothing great or exciting happens. No breakthrough appears on the horizon. And it is during such times God infuses into our hearts the one thing we must know – ‘ and the LORD was with Joseph…..and the LORD is with me.’

Through the ‘ordinary’ season of life, we come to understand the amazing faithfulness of God, his steadfast love and mercy, his compassion and loyalty to keep the covenant. Just as a child comes to rest in the lap of the mother or father and is not concerned about anything else, we must rest our souls in the truth – ‘God is with me’ and not try to find answers or explanations for the questions cluttering our anxious minds. One way of putting our souls to rest is to call to remembrance the promises of God. And sometimes even speak them out loud to the benefit of our own hearing.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for your abiding presence in my life through any and every season. Help me trust you and live by faith relying on the truth that you keep your promises. Amen.”

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