Storing Up Good

‘A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. ‘ ~ Matthew 12:35

How does one store up things? With deliberate effort. When it comes to storing up money, wealth and treasures, we all know how to go about doing it. But we seldom pay attention to the storehouse of the heart where notions, ideas and various things impact us leaving behind a deposit that lingers on. What we do, see and hear determines what is stored up. The conversations we indulge in or overhear, the kind of people we hang around with, the kind of television programs we watch, the kinds of books we read – all influence the kind of data stored up in he heart. Our decisions, value system, code of ethics and even outlook on life emanate from this storehouse. That’s why the Bible is replete with profound sayings and instructions on how to live wisely.

Jesus is often heard saying, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Just having ears doesn’t enable us to listen to the still small voice of God. Jesus is talking about ‘intuitive listening’ and not ‘natural listening’. In intuitive listening the parameter for focusing on the central truth, the main point is already laid out. You concentrate on what is important and vital. You have weighed the good and the bad and have decided to focus on the good that profits the soul. And then when God speaks in a slow whisper, in his still small voice, you catch the word of wisdom, word of direction, word of guidance.

At first he will lay out all the instructions and then allow you to go about things, while watching over you. When you get back to him, he will listen and point out the mistakes and the right way too. Then he will send you out into the world again, this time only watching keenly to guide you with his ‘eye on you’ – the very look on his face will tell you what he thinks. To grow up to such a level of intimacy, you have to walk closely with God. This includes imbibing his ways into your life, day by day, moment by moment, thereby storing up a treasure of good things in the heart for the heart is the wellspring of life.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, the greatest blessing I have in my life is you. May my heart be a storehouse of good things so that I can glorify your name. I want to grow close to you Lord. I want to have your ways in me. Please help me, I pray. Amen.”

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