Whatever your hand finds to do


Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

Have you shook hands with someone who held their hand limply inside yours? It feels rather awkward as though they didn’t have life in them. It gives the feeling of something unfinished, incomplete or vague. It is the same with the work we do when it is done half-heartedly. When we lack the intenseness of spirit, vigor of mind, activity and fervency; when we do what are doing without cheerfulness and diligence and in a negligent careless manner; it feels like eating uncooked food which is difficult to take in and digest too.

The Lord instructs us to put all our might into ‘whatever’ we find to do. He doesn’t tell us to do only the things we like to do or those we choose to do but ‘whatever’ we find to do has to be done ‘with all your might’. Let’s look at the Lord’s own example, He didn’t do anything half-way. God the Creator made everything ‘good’ and we could say ‘perfect’ too. Jesus didn’t leave His miracles half-way either, it was complete. He knew what He had to do, had clarity of purpose and intention, was convinced about the merits of what He was doing and also the outcome of it. There were hundreds of prophecies fulfilled by the way He lived and died, not a single one was left undone. Isn’t that a wonderful example of a job well done? We too can learn to give our best to whatever we do. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small task or a big job, it is how we do it that matters. After we have done it, our work should speak up for us. What is your work speaking about you?


“Dear Jesus, please bless and anoint me with the same intensity of spirit that you had, help me to give my best output in whatever I do. I need your wisdom, grace and understanding to do even the things that I don’t like to do. Help me to work for you and for your glory in whatever I do. Amen.





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