Watches without slumber


“He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:3,4

Have you seen a mother look after her sick child. Through the night she will be tending her loved one putting wet cloth to bring the child’s fever down. She would be up getting food or something to drink or running to get something that the child needs. She wastes herself away in looking after her child and praying for him night and day.

Could there be someone who could love us better than that? Yes certainly, our God in Heaven! He is far more loving and caring than any earthly mother. He keeps His angels on the job to see that our foot doesn’t slip at any time. He keeps His watch over us night and day. He doesn’t tire looking after us because He loves us without end.

He watches over us. He is with us when we feel down and desperate. He is longing for us to talk to Him when we are lonely and in despair without a single friend by our side. He knows what we feel because every thought is known to Him. He is the only one who knows what our true intentions are even when others point an accusing finger at us. He holds us ever so gently in His loving arms, giving us rest in troubling times.

When we don’t seek Him, He stands beside us waiting, watching, wanting to help. He doesn’t push His way inside our world, He waits for us to call Him. The thorough gentleman that He is, He gives our views importance even when we are wrong and stands back and waits till we call.

Look to the God who doesn’t sleep for every need.


“Dear Jesus, I am so sorry for having gone away and forgotten about Your love for me. Thank You for waking and watching over me, help me to stay close to You always, Amen.”




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