When God is silent


“O Lord, you have seen this; be not silent. Do not be far from me, O Lord.” ~ Psalm 35:22


“Hello! Hello….Hellooo….” bang! There’s no response at the other end of the phone. We feel so dejected, especially when you reach out for help and get no response. It’s so discouraging! David felt this way when he did not hear from God. He poured out all his complaints and was expecting an answer, some response from God. But God was silent. It seemed as if God did not care. In anguish he cried out, ‘O Lord, you have seen this; be not silent. Do not be far from me, O Lord. Awake, and rise to my defense!
Contend for me, my God and Lord.’


At times we feel as if God is far away, that He doesn’t care. We could almost cry out like David, ‘God don’t you care enough to do something about this situation? Can’t you just work out a miracle?…..for how long should I wait…how long are things going to go on like this. Can you answer me please?’ But there is silence. God is silent at times. He chooses to be silent….to work silently behind the shadows and at the appropriate time He will reveal what He’s been working on.


Dear friend, are you saying that you haven’t heard from God…that God is silent…just hold on in faith. God is there behind the shadows creating something beautiful for you. And in the right time He will let you know. While in the midst of the silence, God looks expectantly at YOU to see YOUR response…Will you still trust Him? Will you still believe that He knows what He’s doing? Will you still look up to Him? …Will you?



“Dear Jesus, I lift my eyes to You from whom comes my help. Help me to  trust and believe that though I cannot see You, You are there working in my life for good. I love You Lord. Amen.”


When darkness veils his lovely face, I rest on His unchanging grace

In every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand,

All other ground is sinking sand




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