‘Why are you crying?’

“Woman,” he said, “why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” John 20:15

Mary was weeping with sorrow. She came to the tomb all by herself, found the stone was moved and feared the worst. She felt that someone had taken the body of her precious Lord away.

In her grief she didn’t realize that she was speaking to angels. Later she heard the same question again. Again she didn’t realize it was the Lord Jesus Himself who was speaking to her.

It was only when Jesus called out her name that she realized it was Him. Her joy came flooding back as she cried out to Him, ‘Teacher!’ She carried the good news of Jesus’ resurrection to His disciples saying, “I have seen the Lord!”

Most of the time we too are like Mary in her grief. We cry in pain and sorrow, we pray but don’t look at the answer that God has for us before our very eyes. He is a prayer answering God, a gracious and loving God yet we cry and weep as though He doesn’t care.

God has His own way of answering our prayers – at times He does something beyond our wildest dreams. There are times when He stays silent, looking to see if we still trust Him. At other times He sends an answer that we are not prepared for. Even in His refusal, a child of God will see His love, for He protects us from something we don’t yet understand.

Are you in some dark valley crying for relief? Look to the resurrected Jesus, whose promise He did keep. He will shield and comfort you through your time of distress and lead you victorious to the place of joy and peace.


“Dear Jesus, please forgive me for not keeping my eyes on you. Help me to be victorious over sorrow and pain. Help me and lead me with your loving hand to accept Your answers to my prayers, Amen.”



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