Wisdom and care

And God created…..and God saw that it was good – Genesis 1:21

It was a sunny afternoon. The sun was shining with all its brightness. The trees and plants in the garden were drinking in all of the sunlight. Giving a passing glance at the white bougainvillea tree, suddenly my gaze stopped. Something caught my attention. It was the arrangement of the leaves on the long branches. Each leaf was alternating with the other. Each leaf was intricately arranged with so much care and so much wisdom so as to allow enough sunlight for all the leaves. Wow….so wonderful and thoughtful of God to do that. So magnificent!

It’s amazing how God’s character is revealed in His work of creation. ‘All of creation shows His handiwork’, the Bible says.

God created man in His image, and put into man the capacity to make and do things well. No matter what the task, no matter how big or small, we must be careful how we do our work; for our work reveals our character. Working in an orderly and systematic way with consistency helps produce quality work. We must work with thoughtfulness, wisdom and care to see that what we produce does not bring about damage or hurt others, but rather it must be for the good of all. Irrespective of whether our work is noticed or remains unnoticed, let’s apply wisdom and care to all our work, working as unto the Lord.

Prayer – Lord, I appreciate your handiwork in creation and in my life. You are truly amazing. Help me Lord, to do all my work with wisdom and care. Bless the works of my hands. May they glorify your Name. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

The way you work reveals who you are




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