The Songbird

‘He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD
and put their trust in him.
‘ ~ Psalm 40:3


Among all of creation, one of the little wonders that wakens us each morning to face the new day and that calms our stressed nerves at sunset is the short musical notes encompassing the air. Emanating from the tiny little sub-group of the passerines, the songbirds, these notes spread cheer and bring delight more than the morning newspaper. Without fail, with no alarm clock to wake them up, and no reminders, these songbirds sing their heart out, faithfully and cheerfully. Looking at the ordinary dull looking song thrush or the nightingale, no one would think of their highly developed song that is generated in the syrinx, a thin walled voice-box that vibrates creating complex sounds. The interesting feature is that each species has its own distinct song that is recognized by members of that species alone and ignored by others.

We humans have the larynx that produces complex sounds. The vocal cords which are folds of the lining membrane of the larynx with edges, vibrate in the air passage to produce the voice. Notes from a grateful heart raise up an offering of praise that is pleasing to God. But the same larynx can also sound out negative words of discouragement and gloom. The long waiting period, the crescendo of bliss when everything seems right, the low-tide of disappointment, the short break from the hurry and scurry of life, the time of rest and recovery from an illness, a sudden setback that halts our frenzied momentum, a gentle pause of a problem that crops up now and then, the time of silence when God seems distant, the time when troubles come in succession leaving us gasping for breath, the strain of holding up amidst despairing gloom…..all add up to form the melody of the theme song of our lives. The psalmist writes, ‘You put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to my God.” He speaks of ‘songs in the night’. Getting through the hard times is not easy. But God offers  solace and strength to carry on, placing a song of praise upon our lips. And the song carries us through as we sing it faithfully and cheerfully, knowing that he who cares for the songbird cares for us too. 

I wonder what will the members of my species recognize when they hear the notes emanating from my life? Will they recognize the voice Christ, the song-giver? Can they catch the lofty strain and sing along, letting the warmth of the love of God fill the heart and mind? What about you? What do those around you recognize from the notes of your life-song? Will the world go by ignoring it or will it be attracted to the song-giver?

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, you are the song-giver of my life. I pray put a new song of praise in my mouth everyday. May my life sound out the melody of your love and greatness and be a blessing to others. Amen.”


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