Does God Experience Pain

‘The LORD was grieved…and his heart was filled with pain.’ ~ Genesis 6:6

Does God experience pain? Yes He does. He was grieved over the condition of man’s heart during Noah’s time. So he sent the flood and washed everyone away, but showed grace and mercy to Noah’s family by preserving them.

Reading the account of God confronting David over the sin committed with Bathsheba, we can trace the journey of God’ heart. How heart rending it must have been to watch one of his most loved sons do such a treacherous thing – David not only committed adultery but also had Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah killed in battle. This behavior of David instigated the enemies of God to show utter contempt for the Lord.

We might wonder, ‘Why didn’t God intervene in the beginning and prevent all the catastrophe? Why did God wait until everything was done and then send the prophet Nathan to rebuke David?” There’s no answer. But what we can clearly see is the compassion and mercy of the Father’s heart. The child conceived never saw the light of day. But God enabled Bathsheba to conceive again and this time God himself chose the name Jedidiah and conveyed that the parents must name the child accordingly. The birth of this child who is popularly known as Solomon, signified God’s continued love and faithfulness to David.

What grieves God’s heart most is when we shun him, when we forsake his word and do as we like regardless of what honors him. Our actions, behavior and speech do matter. May we sin not grieve God’s heart, but walk humbly in the path of righteousness.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for causing you pain when I act out of sinful pride and selfishness. Help me walk in your ways of righteousness and follow your decrees. May your name be glorified. Amen.” 

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