Murky Waters

‘Like a muddied spring or a polluted well are the righteous who give way to the wicked.’

~ Proverbs 25:26

A muddied spring is a sad sight to see. In its downstream flow, the soil is carried along wherever the water course goes. You can’t expect fresh water to emerge from somewhere and dissolve the murkiness. No matter how much fresh water is added, residues of the soil still remain.

A polluted well is of no use at all. No one can draw water to quench thirst or wash the dust off weary feet. The watering troughs for the animals cannot be filled with such water. Nor can you water the plants. The stagnant water decays making it difficult for even sunlight to pass through.

So is a righteous man who gives way to the wicked, the man who compromises and makes a deal by bribing his way through in order to get what he wants. He disturbs the clarity and purity of the water of his soul. What is this water of the soul? It is the life giving water that Christ offers for those who believe in him. It is the power of the Holy Spirit and the strength of his Word that enables us to tide over difficult situations, problems and troubles. Like the polluted well that becomes of no benefit to others, so is the soul that goes the way of the world. For it can only think for itself. Like the muddied spring that brings forth no goodness at all, so is the soul that is entangled by its own greed.  The wickedness of the wicked has left its stains on him too. That’s why the Bible points out – ‘Guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.’

The Bible comes to us loaded with wise sayings and parables that we can learn from. Neglecting to seek this wisdom or undermining its relevance only brings a heavy loss for the one who does so. No matter who we are, what position or title we hold, what are securities might be, we all need wisdom to live life well. And no one else can show us the way better that the Creator and Maker of our lives.  Give time to study God’s word. And save yourself a lot of trouble.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for showing me the path of life that is good for me. Help me store your word in my heart that I will be wise in what I do and say. Help me be strong and live up the convictions you plant within me. Amen.”

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One thought on “Murky Waters

  1. i want to serve people ; poor, physically challenged, underprivelaged. how can i be a part of the organisation??

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