Blessing Your Children

‘……he blessed them, giving each the blessing appropriate to him.‘ ~ Genesis 49:28

Genesis chapter 49 is said to be the longest poem of the book. Its a beautiful record of Jacob blessing his children. He gathers his children around and speaks into their lives. Clear specific words, each carrying a great depth of meaning and relevance were spoken not just for his twelve sons but even for the generation to come. This was not something ordinary, but rather a very significant moment in their lives. They were getting to know the path they would charter through life’s journey. The destiny of each tribe was being revealed in a sense. And Jacob had to be careful about what he spoke. But how did Jacob learn to do this? From where did he get the wisdom and knowledge to say what was relevant for that particular tribe?

Jacob was a man who had walked with God and seen many seasons of life, and the way God sustained him in all the troubles and difficulties he faced. He was no stranger to God’s faithfulness. The faith walk of his father Isaac and grandfather Abraham was very real to him. Though he did get a little doubtful of whether he would really see Joseph again, he did believe that God was faithful. Speaking words of blessings would not have come easy for Jacob, had it not been for his walk with God. No matter what happened in his life, he never let go of God.

As elders and parents, we have a prerogative and privilege to speak words of blessings into the lives of our children and the younger generation. If we live a life marked by unholiness and ungodliness, and speak negative and discouraging words, how will we fair when the significant moment of life arrives. Its true that life and death are in the power of the tongue. When God is still good and forbearing with us, speaking goodness and mercy into our lives because of which we are not consumed, how can we speak otherwise into young lives. We have a great responsibility. Its not just providing the basic necessities of life to them, but greater still is to guide them as God does.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this privilege to care for the young lives you have placed in mine. I acknowledge my shortcomings. Forgive me and help me parent them like the way you do. Amen.”


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