Linked to God

  “O Lord… will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” ~ Psalm 5:3  

Amazing is the power of prayer. Prayer is not limited by space or situations. Prayer is the invisible link that connects us to God, the anchor that holds us secure amidst storms… the light that dispels darkness of doubt and fear. It brings in hope and cheer.  

In the Bible we read of King David whose life was permeated with the fragrance of prayer. He found that no matter where he was….along the mountain track, deep in the jungles, in his inner chamber, or in the palace garden…just anywhere he could connect with God through prayer. He just had to say a few words…and that connection with God was lit up. He enjoyed its warmth and comfort. Not only this, David also experienced that no situation could cut him off from God. When he was troubled, lonely, afraid or feeling low he could talk things over with God. Through prayer he could express how he felt deep inside. David found that prayer nourished and enriched his soul. And he found that prayer did wonders….for at the end of every prayer he came out feeling so different, so relieved, so unburdened and so encouraged.   

When we turn to God in earnest prayer, God listens to us. As we unburden our souls of all its worries and struggles, as our heartaches and pains are laid down, we find that at the end of every prayer, God is there…God is there to show the way out, to lighten the pathway, to lift the load and help us carry on.   Dear friend, no matter where you are or what your situation, connect to God in prayer and you will find strength for your soul. There’s always hope…for prayer never goes out of fashion, it doesn’t die out or whither away. That connection with God is always there. God’s lines are never busy!  

Prayer “Dear Jesus, thank you for the gift of prayer. Thank you that You hear me when I come to You. May I seek You always. May Your face shine on me. Amen.” 

Turn on your light! God is just a prayer away When I feel still and very empty,

 I try to turn my thoughts to prayer,A little light turns on inside,

And suddenly my God is there.My doubts come from their stony places;

He turns each one into a flower,My heart gets into heaven’s gate;

I’m linked again with Him in prayer!

 Marion Schoeberlein

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