God of Promise

Being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. – Romans 4:21  

Walking the road while it is uphill and tedious and especially when your spirits are low is one of the most difficult things to do. It is easy to remember all the problems and obstacles and lose hope. At such a time, if you have nothing positive to look to, you can look up to God. The God who made the Universe, keeps it running day and night, Who made everything good and beautiful is the best person to look up to when you feel down. His Word is sure, His power without compare, His love everlasting and His promises are the framework on which to build a secure, happy and successful life. When He has planned a life of goodness for you, you can rest assured that the promises He has given you will surely come to pass. On dull days just look to Him and His Word to help you through.

  Lord, there are times when I just can’t go on. It seems so difficult and nothing around me comforts me or encourages me to move on and achieve what you have put inside my heart. I need your loving arms to hold me, your comfort and your love to uphold me at this time. Fill me Lord with the strength, the grace and the wisdom I need for a time as this and help me to stand. Help me to do what is pleasing to you. Thank you Lord for your promises that remind me that though today may be difficult tomorrow will be better. I need you with me as I walk each step through today and everyday until the tomorrow when my dreams and your promises will be fulfilled in my life. Amen. 




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