The Ageless One

‘I the LORD do not change‘ ~ Malachi 3:6


Our God is indeed so wonderful. He is also the Ageless One. For there is no shadow of turning in him. He is not given to change unlike man. He is the same God who spoke creation into being and also sent the heavy downpour keeping Noah and the ark safe. He also spoke the promised child to Abraham and Sarah and sustained Isaac and Jacob and Joseph through their difficult moments. He kept his promise to deliver the Israelites out of oppression and lead them to the promised land. He promised a ruler who honoured God and David took the leadership mantle. He promised deliverance from Assyrian domination and he did so. The exiles were brought back and made to settle down and have gardens, vineyards and fields of their own. He promised the Redeemer, the Saviour and Christ was born. He promised salvation and Christ died to set us free. All that he promised came to pass. And it still does.

Our life at the moment may seem dull and dreary, depressing and burdensome. But we must not forget that God watches over us. He looks on us and knows the situation. And that whatever he has promised will come to pass. It may take months or even years. But God will keep his word. No matter what changes might take place in the circumstances of our lives and in the world around us, God is with us.

May I encourage you to hold on in faith to the promise God has given you. You might wonder how the given promise could possibly unfold while there are lingering impossibilities and staggering facts of life. Nothing is impossible with God, who made the universe, calmed the raging sea and even raised the dead. He spoke into nothing and made something out of it. He can fulfill the promise.



Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, I worship you for you are the Ageless One who does not change like shifting shadows. Help me grow into your likeness day by day, moment by moment. Thank you for being faithful and true. Amen.”

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