From Bud to Almonds

‘For the LORD will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants ‘ ~ Psalm 135:14

A new problem arose. Korah, son of Levi and a few Reubenites revolted against Moses and Aaron, questioning their authority. This was no small agitation. For a group of 250 well-known community leaders who were also members of the council joined the revolt. Moses and Aaron spoke to God who intervened giving just punishment to the rebels. A plagued ensued. But Aaron, at the behest of Moses ran into the midst of the assembly, with the censer in his hand and made intercession. He stood between the living and the dead. The plague stopped.

Now God intervened. He instructed Moses to take a staff each from all the twelve heads of the tribes of Israel and place it before the Testimony in the Tent of Meting. The staff belonging to man whom God chooses will sprout and thus everyone would know whom God had chosen to be priest over the nation and rid himself from the grumbling of the Israelite. Promptly Moses did as instructed. The next day when he entered the Tent of Meeting he saw an amazing sight. A supernatural thing happened. Aaron’s rod had not only sprouted but also budded, blossomed and even produced almonds. God clearly vindicated his servant Aaron. All people had no excuse to grumble now. But why did God make the almonds appear? Wasn’t it sufficient evidence to have the rod sprouted? God knew well the heart of man. So he went a few steps ahead and inorder to instill complete trust in Aaron, he made the almonds appear. This way the other leaders who grumbled could have no doubt.

Are you going through a difficult time at work? Are tensions prevalent at your business front? Has your integrity been questioned and your actions doubted? Hang on in faith. God will vindicate your cause. He will show the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. When you are faithful and sincere to do what God has assigned you to do, be of hope that God will help you out of trouble. He can do the impossible – make almonds appear from a mere wooden rod.

Prayer – “Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for being there to vindicate my cause and stand beside me. Thank you for the support you are to me. Thank you also for the grace you give me in my workplace. Help me continue to look to you and be an example to others. Amen.”


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