You will weep no more

‘O people of Zion, who live in Jerusalem, you will weep no more. How gracious he will be when you cry for help!’ ~Isaiah 30:19  

There will be sorrow and pain. It is a part of life. Often we realize the importance and value of virtue, good and people when we go through difficult times. Yet this is not the end of it. The Lord promises us that there will be an end to the sorrow and pain. Beyond the dark clouds that crowd the sky there is a rainbow, after the storm and night is a calm and a new morning. 

How do we react when we have trouble and sorrow? Do we go off on our own, get angry with God and find our own solutions to our problems? Do we fret and complain that our life is ruined and that God caused us this suffering and put us through this pain.

One who trusts in the Lord will cry out to Him in times of sorrow and pain. God said He will be gracious when you call on Him for help. That is a certain answer. He didn’t say maybe… perhaps… it is a sure thing. He will answer and not just that, He says you won’t have to weep any more. His answer is such that the problem will be no more and you will be filled with great joy. What an assurance He gives us!

Keep looking to God, cry out to Him and He will answer you!


Dear Jesus, Help me to look to you always through every trouble and sorrow. Help me to remember that You have all the answers and solutions I need, Amen.


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