Daily Bread

“Give us day by day our daily bread” ~ Luke 11:3

Daily Bread

Daily Bread

It was a tough journey. The Israelites were wandering in the desert. Food was a prime concern and a necessity. God made provision for this. Everyday morning, before dawn, when the dew was gone up, the whole ground lay covered with a small round thing as small as a hoar frost. This was like a small coriander seed called manna. They would have to grind it and make bread out of it. That’s good. But there was more to this than just making bread.

God was testing them inorder to teach them to depend on Him for their daily sustenance. Everyday each man had to gather according to the number of persons in the family. They were commanded not to store up for the next day. They had to do the daily exercise of gathering what was needed for that day’s consumption. But there were some who were worried and anxious; afraid of what might happen the next day, they disobeyed the order, and collected excess for the next day’s use. But what they collected got spoiled and had to be thrown away. Sad isn’t it…after all the effort! The Israelites had to learn to trust God for provision of food. They had to exercise faith in God to take care of their daily needs. Well, they learnt it the hard way.

Sometimes we too behave like that. We find it hard to trust God; we get so easily worried even about basic things like food, water and clothes. To secure our future, we hoard up things. But God expects us to trust Him be it small simple things or big things. He will never let down those who trust Him. It is God who sustains us.


“Dear Jesus, thank you for Your amazing love. I believe You are faithful. Help me trust You to take care of all my needs, even the most simplest of things. Amen”

To trust God is to depend on Him


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