Home….a haven

“Through wisdom is an house builded; and through by understanding it is established” ~ Proverbs 24:3

Home….a haven

Home….a haven

It’s wonderful to have a home to return to, to have people you can call your own…to have people with whom you can be yourself and know that you are still accepted, loved and wanted.

Family is one of the precious gifts endowed to us. But most often, we take this gift for granted. We take our family members for granted. We murmur when we have to adjust. We look down on them and call them nick names that are degrading. We get selfish and angry. We blurt out hurting words. We become un co-operative and make things difficult. We yell at the top of our voice and shout at them. We complain and bicker about our family members.

Have you ever wondered… how they feel when they are around us? Are we always making them serve us? Have we thanked them for who they are, for their contribution to our well being; for their sacrifice, service, love and for just being there? Do we show we care and value them? Do they really matter to us? Are we just using them to get things done? So easily we point the accusing finger at them, as if to say, they are wholly responsible for the way the home is. Little do we realize that we too play a part in making our home a haven of goodness, love and warmth.

Not everyone is blessed with a family. If you are blessed with one, be a blessing to them.


“Dear Jesus, Thank you for my family. Forgive me for taking them for granted. Help me be a blessing to them. Amen.”

What kind of an environment are you creating at your home?


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