God’s workmanship

God’s workmanship

“For we are God’s workmanship….” ~ Ephesians 2:10

God’s workmanship

God’s workmanship

Watching a weaver working at the loom is quite an interesting thing. The empty plain fabric lies open before him and he sets about working on it. He carefully chooses the different colored threads and fixes them at the appropriate place in the loom. And then begins the humming noise of the shuttles as they move across the fabric, weaving the design one move at a time. At first we wonder where is the design? Why is he using only certain colored threads? As the craftsman continues his work, and the design seems to be half complete, we still wonder what the bigger picture is.

God the master craftsman sets about weaving a grand design across the otherwise plain empty fabric of our lives. He uses different colour threads – some dark, some light. The threads intertwine, cross each other, go underneath and appear again. To us, the design may seem awkward and uninteresting when half complete. But when it’s a finished work, it becomes a masterpiece.

Like the threads that intertwine and crisscross, different experiences come across our lives, some good, some bad, some leave a joyful memory, some bring about bitterness, some create deep wounds and hurts in our hearts, some bring a smile across our face and some even bring tears. And all the while we wonder what’s happening in our lives. Life doesn’t seem to make sense. We wonder, ‘Is life worth living?’ We look at the present circumstances and conclude that God is not working in our lives. But Ephesians 2:10 says that we are a workmanship of God. God is still working on us. And He works in ways beyond our understanding. We may not understand, but we can trust that He knows and does what is best for us.

There’s a poem that goes like this….

Not until all the looms are silent and the shuttles cease to fly

Will God unroll the pattern and explain the reason why

For the dark threads are as needful in the Weaver’s skillful hands

As the threads of gold and silver for the pattern which He planned.


“Dear Jesus, I thank You that my life is in Your hands. Help me trust You in what You’re doing in my life. May my life be a beautiful design that reflects Your excellent craftsmanship. Amen.”

I am a workmanship of God


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