Friend forever

Friend forever

“…..I have called you friends…” ~ John 15:15

Friend forever

Friend forever

Friendships are something we cherish and delight in. Friends come along into our lives, some linger on for a long time, some fade away; a few become that close circle and among them fewer still become that kind of a friend with whom we can talk heart to heart and just be ourselves with. We count on such friends, leaning on them for support, encouragement and help. And secretly we wish that such friendships could last all our life.

But life takes a different course when we experience a breech in friendship, the loss of a good friend, a misunderstanding, a span of silence, being let down, being taken advantage of or being used by a friend. And there are times when we are all alone. We look around for that friend with whom we can talk to, but he or she is not there. Even the best friend doesn’t seem to be around, when they are needed the most. Other times, it just happens that the very friend, with whom we’ve been so close to, slowly drifts away, and that close connection wanes. And we wonder, ‘What’s happening. I thought this friendship would last….’ Gloom, sadness, loneliness can easily set in churning a sour feeling deep within.

But the Bible points to this truth that in all ups and downs of life there is a friend whom we can count on no matter what. We will not always have our best friend around all through life. But there is one person who will and that is Jesus. John 15:15 records Jesus calling us as ‘friends’. He promises in Hebrews 13:5, ‘Never will leave you, never will I forsake you.’ How reassuring it is to know that Jesus is our friend – through all ups and downs. He’s always there to listen and help.


“Dear Jesus, I thank You that You are there for me in all ups and downs of life. You understand and know all of me. Lord, I want You to be my best friend. I invite You into my life. Amen.”


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