Keep watch for you don’t know when

Keep watch for you don’t know when

“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come”. Matthew 24:42

Keep watch for you know not when

While watching movie on TV yesterday I was stunned by something unusually. They showed a game of ice-hockey being played and how each team was doing everything they could to win the game. The seconds were ticking by and as they players got frantic. Soon we saw the clock showed 00.02 >> 00.01 >> 00.00, GAME OVER! I sat still looking at the two words which meant it was all over. There would be no more fighting because the winner was already decided and the casualties were being carried away.

We too are involved in a ‘game’ that decides life and death for every living soul. The two teams playing against each other are God’s team and Satan’s team. Both teams are out to get as many souls into their camp as soon as possible before time runs out. We know who is going to win before hand, it is not enough since our goal is to get through to all the souls out there who don’t know Christ. Their knowing Jesus is the only way for them to find life. We are the only means for His message to be taken to them… and time is running out!

Time is running out… On that day it will be ‘Game Over’ and no one will be able to do anything to save anyone. Now is the time to tell others about Jesus. Will you speak up for Him who died for you and for all the billions of souls who are lost? Will you reach out to them because He loves each of them just as He loves you?


“Dear Jesus, I tend to take the gift of salvation that you gave me for granted. Help me to speak about the precious gift of having You in my life to others. Use me to bring more souls into your Kingdom and lead me to be bold and fearless and stand up for my faith whenever I can, help me to make a difference for you. Amen.”


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