Losing Your Saltiness

Losing Your Saltiness

” You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again ?” ~ Matthew 5:13

Losing Your Saltiness

Losing Your Saltiness

Salt is an amazing change agent. It changes the character and properties of the substance into which it is put, acting mainly as a preservative, leaving behind no traces of itself. Its effectiveness is not limited by quantity. Even a pinch of salt makes a difference. In the spiritual domain, salt can be likened to praise. Giving praise to God amidst the most unlikely situations and least expected moments, dispels gloom, changing the atmosphere of the soul.

One of the sure ways to lose saltiness is by harboring a complaining and murmuring attitude that stems from an ungrateful heart. When we compare our life situations with that of others who seem better off, we sow seeds of jealousy, bitterness and covetousness, which like weeds, spoil the harvesting of proper fruit. It evidences a shallow faith, that misrepresents God to the unbelieving world, lost in darkness. In the Psalms, we read of king David who struggled with this issue. He often counseled his own soul as to not to fret by looking at wicked people prospering while seeing no apparent improvement in his own life situations. But he always concluded on the faithfulness of God in the past, and thus found strength for the present and hope for the tomorrows. And God proved his faith right.

A practice still observed by Arabs today is to seal a pact of friendship by a gift of salt. Jesus, calling us as friends, has placed the seal of the Holy Spirit in our hearts through whom we give a gift of salt – the fruit of our lips giving thanks to the praise of His glory.

The writer of this proverb rightly states – ‘A merry heart is like a medicine. A broken spirit dries the bones. But a merry heart is the joy of the Lord’. Just as salt essentially prevents decay, praise prevents the soul from spiritual decay. Jesus encourages us to be salt of the earth – change agents, impacting the broken and striving world with our lifestyle of praise. So lets keep at it.

Prayer – “Heavenly Father, I’m amazed when I think of what my life can do to others, when I follow the path You show. I want my life to be a psalm of praise. Help me, I pray.” Amen.


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