Getting to the top

“No one from the east or the west or from the desert can exalt a man. But it is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.” ~ Psalm 75: 6-7

Getting to the top

Getting to the top

He impressed no one. He had an ordinary profile. He didn’t even have good looks. He was a nobody in people’s eyes. David was just an ordinary shepherd boy. He would daily take the sheep into the green pastures. Sounds like an easy lazy job. But it was not so. He had to work hard to find new green pastures to feed the flock. He would have to keep a count of them, and of course keep a watchful eye on every single sheep. He would have to be brave and courageous to ward off the wolf and even rescue a sheep that strayed. He would have to be ready to risk his life. He had to always think of the wellbeing of his flock. And he would love them too.

Even though no one else may have noticed how David worked, God did. God saw the dedication, sincerity, efficiency and honesty in what he did. And in due time God gave him a promotion – David became King of Israel. That’s a huge leap!

Maybe you feel like David…. ordinary, despised and looked down upon. You may say, ‘No one sees my good work. Why should I be honest while others cheat their way up to the top? Maybe I should try other means…like paying a bribe, doing some undercover work, signing a shady deal…” Dear friend, hold on to the good way. God sees your honesty and hard work. He will in due time give you the promotion.


“Dear Jesus, I thank you for Your blessings my life. I believe my times are in Your hands. I commit my desires and wishes into Your hands. Help me follow the good way you’ve shown me. Amen.”

Promotion is not devised but earned.


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