As Promised

As Promised

” ….I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you ” ~ Genesis 28:15

As Promised

As Promised

Craftily, he got his elder brother’s blessing and was now running away from Esau’s wrath, in fear of losing his life. Advised by his mother, Rebekah, Jacob is enroute to Haran on the pretext of finding a wife, and tired from the journey, rests for the night. And then an amazing dream flashes through the darkness. The LORD appears at the top of the celestial stairway assuring to fulfill the given promise. How could God overlook such an offense? For God, it was not just Jacob in view, but the entire grand plan of salvation that was to come through mere humans crocheted with divine intervention.

The Great I Am, also known as the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob is absolutely faithful in keeping His word through changing times, seasons, situations, and even generations. When He gives His word, He keeps His word. Forty generations after Jacob, Christ was born. And the promise of God’s faithfulness still lives on. Day after day, we experience His grace which goes beyond human error and wisdom, to bring about a far more excellently glorious workmanship out of earthly mortals.

We can count on God’s faithfulness. Our lives are more than just a run -of- the- mill. You and I have been chosen by God to be intricately crocheted into the grand plan of salvation as Isaiah 52:10 says, “….and all the ends of the earth will see the salvation of our God.” The world reads God’s story through you and me….let Him be the author.

Prayer – “Almighty God, forgive me when I try to make something out of my life thats outside of Your plan. I surrender to Your Lordship. Keep me from human error and the bent to sinning.” Amen.


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