A lack of discipline

A lack of discipline

‘He will die for lack of discipline, led astray by his own great folly’. Proverbs 5:23

‘Don’t do this to yourself! Think about the consequences, what will happen to you, your life…’ There were many people who spoke wor

A lack of discipline

A lack of discipline

ds of caution and correction to him but he turned a deaf ear to all of them. Instead he said, ‘I know what I am doing!’ ‘I don’t care!’ He kept going further and further down the path to destruction and finally his act caught up with him. They said that he took drugs again and it was fatal. He was throwing up blood and his temperature was very high… finally his brain was affected. He had reached the point of no return. In sometime he died.

Are you on the path to self destruction? Is there something that you are doing which reaches a dead end, the point of no return? Sometimes we are able to take a U turn and come back on track but there are times when the road is too thin and there is no place to turn. There are times when our sins take us to such roads, the road of no return.

Is there unrest in your heart about something you are doing? Give your heart a voice and let it speak to you, caution you from doing something that will steal your peace from you. Addictions, bad relationships, lies, cheating, gambling, adultery, stealing… are signs you have gone the wrong way. Turn around before it is too late! Make that decision today!


“Dear Jesus, I am sorry I went the wrong way. I want to come back to You and live as You want me to, please teach me how, Amen.’


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