Ask For the Rain

Ask For the Rain

“Ask of the Lord rain in the time of the latter or spring rain. It is the Lord Who makes lightnings, which usher in the rain and give men showers, and grass to everyone in the field.” Zechariah 10:1

Ask for the rain

Ask for the rain

In our walk of faith we sometimes go through a dry season. We can hardly open our mouth to pray, we find no words to worship and manage to read one passage from the Bible with great difficulty. It just feels very dry. You attend Sunday services and Bible studies but you it as a matter of routine. You miss that refreshing excitement, zeal, hunger, thirst, passion and desire for the presence of God. This is a very unsafe place to be in. Of course, we may not experience His presence all the time but we should not be dry for a long time as it begins to weaken our soul and makes us vulnerable.

Ask God for the rain whenever you go through a dry season. Ask God to send the showers, soaking your soul and causing scriptures to flourish in your heart. We may be doing many Christian activities but God is the one who draws us closer to Him. He is the one who causes growth in us. Ask Him for the rain.

Let the dew of heaven fall upon my thirsted soul,

Let the dew of heaven fall on me.

Blessed Holy Spirit come and take control,

And Let the dew of heaven fall on me.


Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you dry and tired. Draw me, oh Lord, and soak me in the rain of your presence. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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