A Good Work

A Good Work

“She has wrought a good work unto me” ~ Mark 14:6

 A good Work

A good Work

What she did was one of the most beautiful things ever done.  She took the very costly ointment of spikenard and anointed Jesus. What an awesome thing to do! And Jesus exclaimed, ‘She has wrought a good work unto me’. Out of the many people gathered in that room, only Mary did that which touched the heart of Jesus. She gave from what was her own, which cost her much. She gave voluntarily and without hesitation. She did it with the utmost devotion.

In today’s world nothing seems to be as precious as time. With our lives getting busier by the day, we need to stop and ponder a while…. ‘Is there something special I can do for Jesus, at least for once, instead of always expecting him to do something for me? When was the last time that I took a day off from work and soaked myself in His Word, spending the whole day in His presence? Did I sing a love song to my Lord this morning and tell him how much He means to me? Am I willing to forgo a little sleep, rise up early and seek the face of God in prayer? …Can the Lord say of me, ‘You have done a good work unto me’?

Nothing touches the heart of God like taking time to be in His presence; when on bended knee and folded hands the heart of man surrenders, pure devotion flows out and the fragrance of divine love fills the entire place; the radiance of the Lord reflects on your face.


“Dear Jesus, You are my Lord. May You always be at the center of my heart. Increase my love and devotion for You. I want to live for You alone. Amen”


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