The people will see

People Will see

“The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you.’ Exodus 34:10

When we see something extraordinary we are filled with awe and wonder. When someone accomplishes something great everyone feels like congratulating him. The joy that is felt is infectious. When we see the wonders of the world – all of God’s creation and His handiwork a speechless feeling of reverence comes over us. So great is His majesty.

God too takes pride in the things He does for His people. He loves them so much that He does awesome things for them. So extra-ordinary are His achievements that they stand out among the people who believe in other gods.

When we talk about God or His work, we can never find anything substandard, average or vague. His majesty beyond the description of human words. His work par excellence, every one of them is good. The Word emphasizes this many times, ‘And He saw that it was good.’

When it concerns our life and the matters that concern us, we tend to wonder how things will be for us. Even when we pray about things we are often not sure how things will turn out. With God there are no low standards. He is a God who loves the best and does the best. When we choose to love and honor God with our hearts and lives, He chooses to do awesome things for us because He loves us.


“Dear Jesus, thank You Lord for Your immense love and the awesome things you do for Your people. Help us to live a life that honors You, Amen.”


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