Forget the Past

Forget the Past

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past”. Isaiah 43:18

A brand new tomorrow beckons you. It has the glimmer of the sun’s rays and with it comes joy and peace, a life you dreamt of but could not own. When God speaks a word of promise, His Word has power to bring it to pass. It was His Word that created the heavens and the earth. Everything that exists on this planet and in your life today has it origins in God’s Word. Just ‘one verse’ spoken by Him brought the entire ‘Universe’ into existence. That is the power of God’s Word.

God has spoken a Word concerning you and your future. Claim it, believe it and own it as your own because it is a sure word. When human beings say something it is very likely they won’t do it but God is a Word-keeping faith honoring God. If you have the faith God will do the impossible for you and keep His Word.

When you are going to a new place, don’t spend all your time crying about the place you are leaving. Look forward to the new place, enjoy the scenery on the way and keep assuring yourself of the good things you will experience once you get to your destination. That is faith. We need to do the same about the problem situations we find ourselves in. Don’t get upset but focus on God’s promise, believe it and assure yourself that God will change things and help you see your situation change for good.

Do not dwell on the past’ is a sure statement. To be able to see God’s hand working miracles, we need to let go of the past completely. Let the Master-Author rewrite your life, don’t hold His hand. Let Him have His way.


“Dear Jesus, help me to release the unpleasant and troublesome things of my life and move on to the future You have promised me. I thank You for Your Words of promise, may I see them fulfilled in my life, Amen.”


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